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Name Kevin Ellis Price

Position Deceased

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 1.80 m
Weight 78 kg
Hair Color brown-reddish initially; now peppered with gray
Eye Color blue
Physical Description He is rather tall and thin, with brown-reddish hair. His complexion, once pale, had been sun tanned for more than thirty years. He has blue eyes and, during the voyages at sea, a little beard and moustache.

His clothes are the usual attire of a sailor: white linen shirt, sackcloth trousers and a pair of leather boots that come halfway up his shins. He has a coat and a hat which both had seen better days. His hands are calloused from his work as a seaman.
Skills & Abilities After 31 years at sea, nothing on a ship had remained a mystery for him - this, from a sailor's perspective, of course, as he had never bothered with engines. He had been with fishermen, merchantmen, smugglers, pirates, sailing various types of ships and learning their secrets. He has learnt to fight since being with the pirates too, but his greatest skill is to make himself listened.
Body Modifications No body modifications
Equipment & Gadgets He has a cutlass and a knife he can use both for carving wood or for fighting if he has to defend himself. He also carries an axe on his belt and a flintlock pistol.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pleasant with his friends, easy-going and ready to joke, to sing in the free time or play his favourite instrument, he becomes serious when it is about work. He has a forceful, commanding personality, shown mainly in his confident, carrying voice, useful for giving orders on the ship. He is paying careful attention to detail both when he does a job and when he supervises what others have done, having an orderly mind and not tolerating any slacking, as he knows that the crew’s life might be endangered by the smallest poorly done job. However, he is kind to younger sailors, having the patience to teach them well, if they want to listen.

On shore, he is the usual sailor, liking to drink and party in good company. He isn’t easy to brawl, unless somebody insults his country and fellow nationals
Strengths & Weaknesses + highly experienced seaman
+ good with a cutlass
+good at repairing various things
- never eager to kill, which is not good for a pirate
- vain
- stubborn
Hobbies & Interests In the free time he plays the local instrument from his village, pibgorn, a simple reed instrument, popular with shepherds and cattle drivers.


Personal History Born in a small village, in a family of fishermen, the second of 5 children, he was helping his father from an early age. When his father died, he was 15 and he went to the neighbouring port and embarked on a merchant ship.

There he learnt to became a good sailor, working hard and learning that nothing comes for free. Everything he got, he earned. He worked to keep the sails in good shape so he could earn better food when they reached land. He worked at keeping the decks clean so he could have his ration of rhum. He worked at keeping the rigging perfect so he could be hungry enough to stomach the hard tack and salty meat. He had earned every coin with hard work, and he had seen lots of countries and ports.

When he was 28, following a tavern brawl where he defended the ship’s first mate, he got the younger man’s attention and, ultimately, his friendship. It materialized, for Kevin, in being taught to read and write, which also raised his ambition. So, a few years later, when he could prove his literacy, he was promoted as a bosun’s mate, because he was a natural leader among the able seamen, and he knew how to make himself listened.

When the pirates had attacked the ship he was on, he heard the cry “Join us and be free or rot here and die!”. He preferred freedom and joined the pirates, first as common sailor, then as quartermaster’s mate and finally he became quartermaster.
Family - Ewan Price, father, deceased
- Angharad Price, mother, deceased
- Ewan Price jr, 2 years older, fisherman
- Bronwen, 2 years younger, housewife
- Gwyneth, 4 years younger, housewife
- Ivor, 7 years younger, fisherman

Image Credits

Image Credits Playby J.D. Kelleher. Photocollage by me.

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