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Name Cadmus Sander Valerian

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description It is very, very hard to miss Doctor Valerian in a sea of people, unless that sea of people had individuals much taller than he was. At six feet, it would be rare to see so many vertically endowed people in one place. Unless it was a tall people meeting, then you were in for trouble. Tall people, strangely enough, always meant trouble, even to the good Doctor.

With blond hair and blue eyes, he finds himself different from the tanned people of Humdrum, the village where he had found himself. His eyes alternate between a glossy eyed stare and a piercing gaze, the latter only when he is engrossed in his work. And in ships like the Steamhawke, there is little time for glossy eyed stares.
Skills & Abilities Cadmus is a Veterinarian by profession, which really just meant he watched someone do it so many times that he was able to do it himself although he did graduate with great honours from some prestigious school or another in Brittania, his homeland with a specialisation in Veterinary Surgery. He is a capable note taker and can speak two languages, drunk and sober. In his time as the town physician, however, he has also learned - mostly through hit and miss - the ability to perform medical tasks more suitable for people, hence earning him the title People Vet.
Body Modifications Cadmus has no body modifications.
Equipment & Gadgets He keeps his tools, a scalpel, some syringes, a machinal transfuser, which is a machine made of a hose, and a suction machine. The hose can have a special syringe attached which can drain blood from a puncture quickly most used in trying to save someone from poison. Most of his veterinary tools are also with him, along with what few human medicine tools he has managed to scrounge up.

Personality & Traits

General Overview If there is but one thing a person should know about Cadmus is that he is unbelievably sardonic. He understands the concept of respect and knowing one's place but he cannot all but help to try to get a wiseass comment out. It is merely his nature, as someone whose mind is both bored and lazy at the same time. He values wordplay the most, more than the strength of one's arm or just how many gun decks a ship has. He is not motivated easily, nor does his mind accept things as they are, two very dangerous things on board a ship. Still, like any good doctor, he is committed to keeping people healthy and safe, trying his best to keep some sort of hygienic regimen in place.

What keeps him on, with the Captain, the ship, and her motley crew, is his own reason and he tries to prove himself worthy of being kept on board. The reason for this, partly, is the semi-true rumour that pirate ships always threw the most useless ones overboard.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is an excellent veterinarian, having graduated with great honours in the Royal Brittanian College of Veterinary Medicine although such an achievement is made all but unimportant in a ship without animals. As a People Vet, however, he is far less knowledgeable Still, his knowledge of animals and the cases he had handled in Humdrum unfortunately makes him best qualified as the Steamhawke's People Vet.
Hobbies & Interests He has a fascination with shiny stones, seeing it contrasting with the coal that once made up the life blood of the old west. Medicine is another, but only because he had had to save far too many people in the past and failed. Animals, too, he likes best. One must truly like them to see them ill and wish to cure them. Other than that, he has not had the time, opportunity, or motivation to like or dislike other things.


Personal History Born on an exceptionally rainy day in the Spring, Cadmus Sander Valerian, third son to the Count of Oxfordshire, was not expected to be anything other than a spoiled son-of-a-Count, which for a time, he did exceptionally well at. Still, unlike the oafish second brother he dislikes talking about, he wished to do something, anything with his life. It seemed only natural that he decided that since he did not wish to usurp anyone any time soon, he would be of some use to his family by caring mainly for the animals. His father, to whom he had appealed to at the age of 15, decided that this would be a good idea seeing as it would be impossible for him to reach any sort of political power by inserting trochars on sheep.

And so he was sent, at the age of 19, to Londinium to study how to properly take care of animals at the recently opened Royal Brittanian College of Veterinary Medicine. Here he learned how to take care of animals, returning to his family after three years of intense drinking and occasional studying.

Having been put on a retainer by his father, he found that taking care of already healthy animals was all but pointless, seeing as he learned nothing from it. He disliked doing nothing, all the books about veterinary medicine and surgery read twice or thrice over, sometimes even sober. Once again bored out of his wit, he would visit his old school at times, lecturing as a guest and still he yearned for more. It wasn't adventure, mind you, that interested him, it was the need to do something. So much so that when he had passed by the docks after paying a rather attractive female a ransom fit for the third son of a Count - a sovereign - for services rendered, he found himself staring at a sky ship bound for the Old West. It was then that he decided to do the stupidest thing he had ever done to date.

Rushing back to his home, he packed his clothing and told his father some lie about being admitted to teach at the school and rushed off with his baggage into the skyship. It was only weeks later when he had landed in the shores of one of the many port cities of the Old West that he realised that this was a terrible idea.

Still, there were many things to do. Horses needed upkeep and medication so they didn't die and mining towns in the far deserts where coal was the most rich needed veterinarians like him to take care of them and so he went to a town whose name he found not only appealing but very apt for his constant state of being, Humdrum.

Humdrum, like most towns, was ruled by a sheriff, and by ruled that meant that the poor sod tried to keep the town afloat with constant shipments of coal to the port cities where affluent Brittanians like himself would use it as juggling balls. Here, they had animals that needed helping and people that needed so much more than that. Trained only in animals and yet being the only non-sheriff who could read for miles, he would soon get patients of the two-legged, foul mouthed kind.

It was here that he would slowly learn medicine. From a botched appendectomy to learning how to set broken bones to scavenging what few herbs and medicines he could from the surrounding area. For twelve years he did this, Humdrum and the nearby towns would have him to call on should they need a doctor, or someone who passed for one. Many times though, he would write letters to send to other towns, charging a coin for each writing.

He wanted for nothing, honestly. He had all by had it made. Every day was a constant life-threatening situation, sometimes even his own being in jeopardy and yet he found it exciting. Fun. Almost childish in his way of deconstructing a medical threat and finding a cure for it, he enjoyed the challenge. And yet, after a decade of service to the people, he would soon find himself bored. Again.

If it were not miner's lung, it was a bad fall. Such things were a given, and constant. And again boring. And so he decided that he would leave, rushing to the nearest port town at night - for he knew the residents would never see him off in a kindly way - and try his luck there. Perhaps there, he thought, he would find something new to do.
Family Father - Count Telemachus Oxford, 5th Count of Oxfordshire
Mother - Countess Sandrine Oxford

Brothers - Unimportant

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