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Name Canus Henola

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m (5'6"ish)
Weight 72kg (160lbs)
Hair Color Deep Brown
Eye Color He swears by his own thumb they are green...
Physical Description An 'average' sized man, Canus is by no means an intimidating figure. But being at the ripe age of 39, he lives as though he were still in his early twenties.
His dress is that of a battered and weathered military man, minus the pomp and circumstance. A modified naval coat and military boots tell of his campaign with The Legion, but the tanned fur trousers and cold defying handwraps tell of adventure in distant lands. Grizzled beard and long brown hair required.
Skills & Abilities Arguably one of the greatest airship navigators of his time. He swears up and down that no one can match his prowess behind the helm, and that it would be a fool's notion to think they could catch a ship he was in control of.
Body Modifications None that can be seen...
Equipment & Gadgets If life taught him one great lesson, it's to carry a means of survival on you at all times. A rather large knife and revolver holster hang at his side, with the appropriate weapons in their rightful place.

Various trinkets hang from his person, and a small coin purse can be heard jingling somewhere in his coat.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Canus holds a mysterious air about himself, never telling anyone fully what his story is or where hails from. He alludes to the harsh past he has seen, and the numerous tales of daring adventure he has delved into.
Whether many of these hold truth is yet to be known, but no one has yet been able to blow any holes into his stories.
Canus is a tough man, quick thinking and bold. He never shies away from speaking his mind and the truth. He tends to keep quiet, but is willing to listen.
Strengths & Weaknesses Having a colorful and interesting past, Canus is able to endure a lot of what life has to offer. This is also his weakness, however, as he tends to push himself beyond what he is now capable of. He is not the young man he used to be.
He is a smooth talking man when he needs to be, easily dispelling any situation.
"A good drink and fine woman, that's what used to keep me going. Now, it seems the the promise of a comfortable bed is all the persuasion I need."
Hobbies & Interests Whenever a story is needed to be told, Canus is there with a grand tale of adventure. Whether they are truthful or not, no one knows. All that can be said of them is that Canus' stories are always welcome and enjoyed.

He has a vast interest in coins; not so much for wealth but more for the history involved in many of them. If he were to be asked about any type of coin; Brittanian, Merovingian, Slavic, or other, Canus would surely be able to give you an hour long lecture on its make and history.


Personal History Canus was once a young and hard working man, struggling to bring home food for his family of one: himself. He never had anyone depend upon him, and that is what he felt was best. Being born to the misfortunes of The Old West, he wouldn't wish his fate upon anyone.
Then, opportunity arose one day. Not far outside the town of Plinth, which he called 'home', a magnificent airship made its perch. The owners were a group calling themselves The Legion, and they were seeking able bodied men to join their cause. Eager to get away from his wretched lot in life, Canus seized his chance.
The Legion put him to work under the helmsman, Marcus Nentin. Years of teaching and practice gave Canus the opportunity to prove his worth, and allowed him to develop a skill of his own. He was a natural for ship navigation, and soon took over for Marcus at the age of 20.
During his time with The Legion, Canus was taught everything about a functioning military unit and ended up in numerous battles. The Legion was the last surviving unit of a city-state in the Old West, and as such they were fighting to bring back order to their section of land. Canus spent ten years with the crew of The Legion, finally leaving with a small group of them to make their own way in life.
Being able to afford a small vessel, a schooner named The Airbeetle, the group managed to make themselves a crew and travel in search of a grand journey. Canus saw the world, explored ruins, and sought adventure for eight fruitful years.
Death, however, soon visited.
The crew of The Airbeetle were ambushed while in dock at Seaport and the ship stolen. Canus and one other survived, who later himself went missing.
Having nowhere to go, and only a fraction of his wealth from years of travel and adventure left, Canus settled for a small home in Seaport.
There, he resided for the next year, until once again life brought an opportunity to him...

"We don't live long in this world. And those of us that do, well, then we damn well fought to earn it." -Canus
Family Never had blood relatives.

Marcus Nentin and the crew of The Legion: Whereabouts unknown.
Crew of The Airbeetle: Dead.

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