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Name Claw Under the Willow Rakefield I.

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kitling
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 3'2''
Weight 70lbs
Hair Color Red/White
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Lord Rakefield is exceptionally tall for a Kitling, and his proud demeanor only enhances that impression. The fur on his head and down his back is of a colour reminiscent of a fox, a vibrant natural red, with a broad white stripe going from his mouth and chin all the way down his chest and stomach. The Kitling's eyes glisten with amber and specks of obsidian, and convey both a sharp intellect and a distant reservedness.
Another noticeable feature in Rakefield's outward appearance is his docked tail. The flexible and agile tail that is so common for the Kitling race barely reaches 5 inch in length in Rakefield's case, and thus becomes practically unusable for any tasks of dexterity.

The most "casual" clothes one will ever see on Lord Claw Rakefield are a fine silk vest, a shirt and a pair of neatly ironed trousers. More commonly though, he will put on an expensive tuxedo or a long coat for cold weather, and his always-present top hat. Finish that off with one of his many coloured bow-ties, and you get one of the best dressed Kitlings of the Old World.
Skills & Abilities Eloquence, academic knowledge, a talent to rob people of their last dime with just his words, and a strong survival instinct. That, and an inexplicable skill of opening locks and escaping many different kinds of confinement.
Body Modifications Many of his internal organs, including liver, stomach, part of his lungs and the heart, have been artificially replaced. This doesn't give him any kind of unnatural powers, but is just a basic necessity to keep his body running and his blood flowing.
This, however, is all but invisible to people around him.
Equipment & Gadgets None, apart from a selection of lockpicks hidden in the knob of his walking stick, and a magnifying attachment for his monocle.

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface, Lord Rakefield is calm, charismatic, always smiling and highly intellectual. He seems to avoid conflicts and mainly mind his own business, unless something directly affects him as well, in which case he will do his best to help solve the problems on hand. He is very well mannered and highly sophisticated, especially considering his Kitling heritage, and enjoys tea, chess, and proving his supposed mental superiority against other people.

However, on the inside, Rakefield is anything but calm. His every move is driven by an innate passion bordering on fanatism, and almost no moment passes when he is not secretly plotting, wagering, contemplating. In addition to that, what might otherwise appear as "friendly" or "helpful" to external viewers is nothing more than the aim to achieve everything by any means necessary, allying with anyone who seems to be advantageous to the Lord. There's not much room for mercy or benevolence in his artificial heart, only the urge to move forward, with, against, over or through anything and anyone necessary.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Claw Rakefield is a Kitling of cunning and charisma. With his abilities, there aren't many problems that can't be solved with a sharp mind or silver tongue. In addition to that, his love for libraries has equipped him with an academic-level knowledge pool on a large variety of fields, some more obscure than others. For example, his knowledge of machines and craftsmanship, albeit unfitting for a noble of his class, can be extremely helpful, in contrast to the catalogue of facts about the reproductive methods of squids and octopi.
Lastly, also rather unusual for a man of his position, Rakefield has a talent for meddling with locks, chains and shackles of all types and sizes. Where he got those skills from, he won't tell.

One of the more apparent weaknesses of the Lord is the lack of the well-known Kitling agility. Without a functioning tail, Rakefield never bothered to work on his climbing and acrobatics skills. Similarly, he possesses no fighting skills to speak of.
His mental state might also be described as a weakness, as the hidden zeal towards his personal goals can easily cloud his perception and drive him to careless and even dangerous actions.
In addition to that, Rakefield's manners are actually more of a weakness than a strength. Not only does he strive for the highest level of sophistication in almost every social situation he finds himself in, he also expects the same from everyone around him. He literally tries to enforce etiquette.
His biggest weakness, however, is the Taint. Many years of living with artificial organs (and meddling with machines of all types and sizes) have left their marks on Rakefield's body. It's not immediately visible on his head, but large parts of his upper body and abdomen, patches of his arms, legs and hands show the signs of severe dextrocite Taint flowing through his body. It looks like giant claw marks, burning fur and skin, and leaving lines of ash and wounds of oil on his body - and it hurts just as much. There are balms to at least mitigate the sudden bursts of agony, but even on his best days, Rakefield's body is in no shape to endure larger amounts of physical strain. Not only that, but should the disease be spotted by another being, the Kitling would face severe ostracism and hostility, not to mention his credibility and social standing would be done for.
Hobbies & Interests Tea, chess, reading, machines of any shape and form (he likes looking at them, studying them, observing and pondering), obscure fields of science, and many kinds of folklore, mythology and legends.


Personal History Lord Claw Under The Willow Rakefield I. deliberately keeps silent about the details of his youth and growing up. The only known fact is that he originates from Britannia, but migrated into the borders of the Prussian Trade Federation several years ago. There, he became friends with (some say protegé of) a man named Graf Albert von Oberbaum, an aristocrat of high standing in the Council of Commerce, the Federation's de facto governing body.
Even though Rakefield attributes most of his monetary fortune to family inheritance, it is not hard to see that no little part of his wealth has been sponsored by von Oberbaum directly. More accurately, almost all of Rakefield's research, "experiments" and travel expenses are completely covered by coins from the Prussian's own pockets.

In recent months, Claw Rakefield as been travelling all around Terra in the most unusual erratic patterns. He has the gold to make sure those pesky sky ship captains get him where he wants to go, as quick and as silent as possible.
Family Surely there are some family members... only none that he lets anyone know about. The closest person that could be considered metaphorical family for Rakefield is his Prussian ally, financier and most probably also employer - Graf Albert von Oberbaum. Rumor has it that there has also been some romantic tension with the Graf's niece, the beautiful Miss Merle von Oberbaum.

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