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Name Jasmine Eris Levic

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5"3
Weight 107lbs
Hair Color Pale blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jasmine's long, very pale blonde hair - which her mother affectionately called platinum - is always kept tied back when she's working, usually hidden under a cap or tied into a simple, practical braid. In her spare time, Jasmine either has her hair loose - and it hangs down to a few inches below her shoulder blades, or braided again but in a more elaborate style. Like her hair, Jasmine's skin is pale. The near-ivory color suggests that the woman doesn't spend much time outside and, while Jasmine's not one for roaming forests and sleeping on beaches, she does enjoy the fresh air and the sun, she simply doesn't tan fast. Her eyes, a gentle brown, are a simple, plain color, without flecks or hints of other hues in them.

As far as clothing goes, Jasmine prefers long, loose clothes with a mixture of bright and pale colors. Of course, when she's working she uses more practical garments - namely a brown top, trousers, boots and a dark vest to go over the top - but when she's wearing her more casual attire, she normally goes for a pair of wide trousers and a flowing top, no shoes if she can help it. Sometimes she wears a skirt instead, although she usually keeps from wearing anything except trousers when there's even the slimmest chance she might have to get to work. Along with all this, Jasmine wears her pendant. It's a simple thing, hand-carved by her mother, and made of wood and a piece of string. The piece of wood is shaped as a flat circle and decorated in gentle whorls and Jasmine never takes it off except to wash.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview In general, Jasmine is a cheerful, bright young woman. She always sees the best in both people, and her situation. An optimist by nature, Jasmine could be called naive or overly trusting but she prefers to think of herself as someone who gives others the benefit of the doubt as many times as needed. Jasmine can be prone to absentmindedness and enjoys spending time alone just thinking. She's a quiet woman with a strong aversion for arguments and an even more powerful one to violence. It might be strange to have a pacifist and vegetarian aboard a pirate ship, but that's exactly what Jasmine is. If it was a choice between shooting someone and death, Jasmine would choose the latter option without hesitation. (It should be noted that she has little qualms about stopping someone from firing a gun using means other than actual violence, such as threats (and she's very, very good at bluffing) or drugs if the situation requires it.)

She's shy around strangers and normally doesn't like to start conversations with people she doesn't know, but with friends or once the conversation's been started, she can ramble on and on for hours - not that she does, she's learnt the hard way it can annoy people - when she's nervous, she rambles more and sometimes stutters on her words. One of the things Jasmine likes doing most is having a friendly argument - a debate, as it were - about something that interests both herself and whoever she's talking to. No matter who she talks to though, Jasmine's polite. She never swears - at least she never counts the few ruder words she does say, such as 'damn' as swearing, never even thinks of swear words and treats everyone she meets with equal respect.

When working, most of the cheerfulness seems to leave Jasmine, and is replaced by a calm confidence. Although for the most part she does her best to avoid conflict, normally letting others voice their opinions without objection even if her own are in direct contrast, should someone get between her and a patient, she can be as stubborn as a mule and as forceful as a storm. It's her duty to look after people and that's what she does, no matter who they are or what it takes - aside from killing someone, obviously.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her main strength would probably be her devotion to her duty. She's a doctor, first and foremost, and she doesn't let anyone, or anything, stop her. She has a skill for unconventional remedies involving herbs - of which she keeps a collection - or improvised materials but is also skilled at more typical things such as broken bones, injuries and the like. She prefers to avoid surgery - although she can still do it if necessary - as she doesn't really like using the knives.

On the other hand, her weakness would be her pacifism. The combination of a refusal to fight and being aboard a pirate ship isn't a good one.
Hobbies & Interests Jasmine loves art and tends to paint small, rectangular pictures whenever she has the time. The pictures normally reflect her mood and almost always involve the sea, or water in some way. When she's happy she might paint a golden sunset, on the rare occasions she gets angry she might draw a storm. She's a good artist, with an eye for detail and keeps a small selection of paints, which she then mixes to create a larger array of colors if she needs to.


Personal History Jasmine rarely talks about her past, and when she does she tends to be evasive, in a sense. She might mention where she lived or who her friends were, but she avoids speaking about what made her leave or other more private incidents.

Jasmine was born in a small town with a father as a doctor and an unemployed mother. They were middle-class but, for the town they lived in, that was about as rich as anyone else, and generally happy. Jasmine, being the only child, was taught her father's trade, although both her parents would have preferred a son to teach it to. She was a quick learner and by the time she was thirteen she was helping out with the more minor injuries, sometimes people brought up the fact that it was technically child labor but she just ignored them or pointed out that it was actually volunteer work, she wasn't getting paid and wanted to do it. It was her father who taught her never to harm another, no matter what the reason.

When she was fifteen, she'd almost taken over her father's job. Her parents had married old, and were already well on in their years when they'd had Jasmine so, as she grew older, they grew less able to work - her father especially. For the most part he sat in a chair watching her work, offering her advice and criticisms when needed. That was when it happened. Jasmine had left her father's clinic and returned home early, leaving her father to tidy up after the two had had an argument. About five minutes after closing the door, there was the sound of shouting outside and someone yelled "fire". Jasmine had instantly run outside, shouting at her mother to stay indoors, and gone to see if she could help. To her surprise and horror, it was the clinic that was on fire. She tried to run inside to get her father out but one of the older men had, very sensibly, stopped her.

That was the day her father died. Jasmine was told it was from smoke inhalation, not actually burning, and her own knowledge confirmed it. That didn't make it any harder for her especially as she blamed herself. They never did find out what caused the fire. Jasmine's mother was even more distraught and there was talk that she wasn't fit to look after her daughter and someone else would be needed to help. Jasmine knew they were right, since her father's death her mother - already the age of most of her friends' grandparents - had started forgetting things, like if she'd left the door locked, or who her daughter was. Jasmine tried to get used to her mother's lapses but she found it hard, too hard. It broke her heart every time her mother smiled at her gently and asked her, very politely, who she was. So she left.

She wasn't completely irresponsible, she made sure there was someone to look after her mother and paid the ladies who were helping well, with promises of more money when she returned. Jasmine hadn't really intended to stay away for a long time, just until she figured out what to do. with her father's clinic gone there wasn't much she could do by way of a job in the town anyway. After leaving, Jasmine was in luck as she quickly found a place aboard a ship - a pirate vessel as it turned out. She spent most of her time away from the crew and simply doing her job, she returned home the moment she'd amassed enough money to take care of her mother and stayed for a few months. The ship she'd been on left her there and she never saw it again, nor did she want to.

Then she left home again. Her mother was happy where she was and didn't remember her daughter, Jasmine meanwhile was restless and realized that she'd actually enjoyed herself on the ship. Or at least enjoyed the feeling of flying. So she left again, this time with little intention of returning in the near future, unless her mother's condition changed.
Family She's an only child.

Father - deceased.
Mother - senile, Jasmine visits her whenever she can, at least once a year although her mother still doesn't remember her.

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